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Ever wondered how stars get red carpet ready or prepare for a skin-bearing role? When your livelihood depends on looking fabulous and price is not an obstacle, you too may go to all lengths to look younger. In addition to their indifference to the hefty price tags, celebrities are surprisingly eager to try just about anything in their quest for eternal beauty.  From the ultra extravagant to the stomach-turning, downright weird procedures, read on to see the shamelessly lavish and unconventional beauty treatments the rich and famous indulge in (and sometimes endure) to stay impossibly gorgeous.  The following treatments take the term ‘beauty comes at a cost’ to a whole other level – and we aren’t just referring to the price tags!
Bee Venom Facial – $255
The Duchess of Cambridge indulges in Bee Venom Facials, an organic alternative to Botox, to maintain her radiant complexion.  The procedure uses bee venom that is diluted with Shea butter, New Zealand's Manuka honey, and lavender oils to ensure that the procedure is painless. While bee venom can cost as much as $55,200 per ounce, only a small amount is required for the treatment which costs $255. Other celebrities who are buzzing about the procedure include Victoria Beckham, Kylie and Danni Minogue and Michelle Pfeiffer.   
Evian Bath – $5,000
Available exclusively to guests of the $6,000-a-night Hotel Victor penthouse suite in Miami, this highly exclusive and indulgent treatment promises to leave you revitalized and refreshed. For a mere $5,000 the bath is filled with 1,000 bottles of Evian Natural Spring Water and is sprinkled with rose petals. Tennis superstar Serena Williams has admitted to indulging in the world’s most expensive bath! The package also gets you a few spa treatments, luxurious munchies and a bottle of bubbly to enjoy while soaking in the natural spring tub!  
Leech Therapy – Price Unknown
There isn’t a woman alive who isn’t envious of Demi Moore’s fantastic figure and glowing complexion. Could her beauty be attributed to her having undergone Leech Therapy? The process involves shaving your entire body and soaking in a tub of turpentine.  Once your body has become accustomed to the stinging sensation, leeches are added to feast on your blood!  When the leeches bite down they release an enzyme that enters the blood stream and causes a significant amount of bleeding which is said to detoxify the blood and optimize health! While there is no information as to how much this torture, oops we mean beauty treatment costs, general consensus is that it doesn’t come cheap since the creatures aren’t your average garden variety but rather ‘highly trained medical leeches’. 
Diamond and Ruby Facial – $7,000
Since diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, who would say no to a Diamond and Ruby Facial?  The procedure involves a facial scrub using crushed rubies and diamonds followed by a lactic acid peel.  This exclusive treatment doesn’t come cheap; at $7,000 a session it promises glowing skin.  If you think it sounds painful, that’s because it is, patients are apparently given ice cubes to help reduce swelling. Actress Mila Kunis is a fan of the treatment, which was created by well-known aesthetician Scott Vincent Borba. 
Snake Venom Facial – $385
Another bizarre and adventurous beauty treatment some celebrities undergo is the Snake Venom Facial.  The facial requires snake venom to be applied directly to the skin, which is believed to paralyze the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  The procedure is considered completely safe as snake venom is only poisonous if it enters the blood stream.  Creators of the treatment, which is endorsed by celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Kylie Minogue and Madonna, claim that it is nature’s Botox, and will set you back $385 a sting!  
Placenta Cream Facial – $1,000
Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria have all admitted to utilizing the ‘fountain of youth’ to maintain a youthful and glowing complexion.  Their secret weapon is Placenta Cream Facials, which use human placentas, yes, that’s right, human placentas, to repair aging skin!  Placenta is full of iron-rich blood cells, vitamins, minerals, fats, and antibodies and when applied to the skin is said to achieve an overall youthful look.  A Placenta Cream Facial costs $1,000.  This gag-worthy treatment is testimony to the fact that celebrities will do just about anything in the pursuit of beauty and youth.
Bird Poop Facial – $215
Originally practiced by geishas, this centuries-old authentic Japanese beauty treatment is now available in high-end spas and is a bi-monthly ritual for Victoria Beckham.  The Bird Poop Facial uses nightingale excrement from the Japanese island of Kyushu.  Special enzymes in the poop allegedly work as an exfoliant to remove a build-up of dust and dirt resulting in a refreshed, glowing and polished complexion.  A face full of poop will cost you $215! 
Vampire Facial – $1,500
The following treatment is truly disturbing... leave it to a Kardashian to give it a go!  The Vampire or Blood Facial is a painful treatment which uses your own body’s platelet-rich plasma, and became widely known after Kim Kardashian undertook the treatment on the reality television show Keeping up with the Kardashians. The process involves extracting blood from the arm area and spinning it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets.  The blood is then injected back into the face via micro-needling which perforates the skin surface.  The Vampire Facial costs $1,500 and is definitely not one for the faint-hearted!


Gold Manicure – $900 
In a promotional video for the Mrs. Carter Show world tour last year Beyoncé donned an over-the-top theatrical Victorian costume complete with a crown and scepter.  As the cherry on top she indulged in an H&H-designed gold manicure that reportedly cost a whopping $900!  That’s $90 a nail! The extravagant gold lacquered nails were shaped into points and fitted with 3D accents.


Hairstylist – $20,000 a week!
When discussing celebrity beauty splurges, Rihanna definitely makes the cut!  Rihanna is considered one of the most beautiful celebrities and is known for continuously shaking up her look and changing her style – in recent years the multi Grammy Award-winning singer has had just about every hairstyle under the sun, from different cuts and styles to colors.  Her fabulous locks are maintained by her personal hairstylist Ursula Stephen at a mere fee of just $20,000 a week!
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