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Fabulous Looks of the Season

Just as fashion takes on the fresh, soft and cheerfully colorful spirit of spring, makeup trends to match abound with the world’s top brands creating looks that are a beautiful blend of innocence, sweetness, and subtlety as well as seductively alluring and intoxicatingly feminine. Color palettes range from soft pastels to vibrant orange, shades of plum, and neutral and earthy shades. Find your face this spring and be prepared to shine!
Travel back in time to the 18th century with the latest collection from Dior Beauty! The house of Avenue Montaigne continues its travels to Versailles, this time choosing the Petit Trianon, which was the private pavilion of Marie-Antoinette. Bewitchingly beautiful and delicate porcelain complexions are highlighted with softly shimmering pastel eyelids, the Dior heroine of Spring-Summer 2014 makes a nostalgic return to the Age of Enlightenment. Marie-Antoinette and her private domain, the Petit Trianon, inspire the Dior makeup creations of this season; allow gorgeous macaroon shades and the luxurious atmosphere of Versailles and its sprawling gardens to inspire you!
The Météorites Blossom collection from Guerlain is a lovely cloud of colored powders. Sweet like the spring, an array of tangy pinks, delicate blues and crisp greens carry the promise of a beautifully bright and dazzling look. Be transformed into a springtime muse, with sweet shades that will illuminate your complexion. Enjoy a selection of wonderfully textured eyeshadows, colored beads to add a dash of soft color to your cheekbones and a deliciously sinful concoction of strawberry or apricot shades for your lips. This delightfully colorful bouquet will sweeten and delight like a lovely spring fairytale allowing you to dream in full color.
So girly, so perfectly pink! You will absolutely fall in love with Lancôme’s French Ballerine collection this spring. Inspired by delicate French lace tutus and ballet slippers, this look is all about a flawless complexion and an aura of innocence and softness. Adorn your eyelids with sheer shades of pink and lavender, cheeks are delicately colored and lips are also a soft and tender shade of pink. This sweet look is ideal for days that are high on romanticism and works for all kinds of occasions. Channel your inner ballerina and flit through the fields of flowers this spring in true feminine form.
Notes du Printemps is Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2014 offering for its cosmetics line. It’s a stunning collection that is positively vibrant with shades of pink, plum and coral that simply pop. Create an elegantly sultry look with soft, smoky eyes with neutral shades and accentuate your cheekbones with a deep shade of coral. Keep your lips bold with bright pink and complement the look with nails impeccably painted in a deep plum. Get sexy, sassy, irresistibly flashy and confident with Chanel’s makeup collection that will take you from day to nighttime and transform you into the springtime goddess that you are!
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