• Beauty
    A fast metabolism means more calories burned and the more calories burned the more pounds you lose! While there are a lucky few with lightning fast metabolisms who seem to inhale junk food and not gain a pound, this isn’t…
  • Beauty
    There is an ever-growing awareness about the importance of a healthy, balanced diet in the maintenance of weight and fitness, as well as general health. In recent years, we have been encouraged to rely more heavily…
  • Beauty
    Feel Good! When you’re down-and-out and need an instant pick-me-up, do you reach for a carrot?  No, your first thought…
  • Beauty
    Dior’s “SKYLINE” look, designed by Peter Philips, the Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, explores the vast possibilities of using shade and light to sculpt the face.
  • Beauty
    Talika introduces an array of new products to have you looking your best. Time Control is the first anti‐aging cosmetic instrument from Talika that specifically targets the fragile area around the eyes and was inspired…
  • Beauty
    There’s nothing we welcome more than the budding flowers and blossoming trees of summer as winter nears its end. Color in its varying shades and utmost vibrancy surrounds us and reminds us of nature’s promise…
  • Beauty
    Ever wondered how stars get red carpet ready or prepare for a skin-bearing role? When your livelihood depends on looking fabulous and price is not an obstacle, you too may go to all lengths to look younger. In addition to their indifference to…
  • Beauty
    Just as fashion takes on the fresh, soft and cheerfully colorful spirit of spring, makeup trends to match abound with the world’s top brands creating looks that are a beautiful blend of innocence, sweetness, and subtlety as well as seductively…
  • Beauty
    While it may not be the very latest exercise technique to emerge, one could reasonably argue that it is perhaps the fastest growing.  Yoga, the ancient practice of postures, breathing and meditation, has…
  • Beauty
    Warm weather, clear ocean waters, and endless sunshine make Maui, the second largest island in Hawaii, the perfect setting for Maya Yoga.  With world-class teachers and a serene and relaxing environment that attracts…
  • Beauty
    Deciding to start a family is perhaps one of the biggest decisions a couple can make.  Most couples believe that once they have made the decision to experience this major milestone in life, getting pregnant will…
  • Beauty
    Many expectant mothers fall in love with their baby the minute they feel it move, kick or hiccup in their womb.  However, as many a mother has affirmed, this pre-natal feeling of love pales in comparison…
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