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Terracotta from Guerlain

What’s the secret of those girls whose complexion always looks beautiful, as if they had just returned from a long weekend?
There’s only one answer: TERRACOTTA!  A new formula enriched with skincare active ingredients combined with a blend of subtle shades to revive the complexion with a featherlight touch.


Designed like a multi-toned springtime sun, it is adorned with  ne pearl particles to warm up the complexion with a sheer  nish. Pink and coral rays create a fresher complexion and more vibrant skin, for a sun-kissed healthy glow and a natural result. This perfect balance comes in six harmonies to beautifully enhance every type of beauty.

Infused at the heart of the powder, a cocktail of antioxidant active ingredients, vitamins C and E and energising minerals helps skin to protect itself against free radicals and pollution and delivers long-lasting comfort. Glowing with vitality, the complexion has never been so radiant.



A translucent gel that melts over skin to deliver its freshness infused with warm pigments. The texture becomes one with skin, disappearing to leave a glowing complexion. This incredibly lightweight gel nonetheless contains a cocktail of skincare active ingredients. Composed of an antioxidant and vitamins C and E, it helps skin to protect itself. It is more radiant, more beautiful. A peach leaf extract offers a revitalising effect, while the Tan Enhancer complex derived from the flesh of the carob tree fruit activates a healthy glow look and prolongs it day after day.

TERRACOTTA RÊVE D’ÉTÉ comes in two shades: a caramel shade dedicated to fair skin and a gingerbread shade for darker skin tones.



Half-gloss, half-balm, TERRACOTTA KISS DELIGHT luscious texture, based on hyaluronic acid, hydrates lips for an instant plumping effect, thanks to eosin, an ingredient that adapts to the skin’s pH to boost its natural radiance


And for those who prefer to sport a tanned complexion as soon as spring arrives, the CLASSIC TERRACOTTA powder is a vital ally to warm up the complexion all day long.

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