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The Wedding Gown – Pick your Perfect Dress!

Every little girl dreams of being a princess. She wants to wear a beautiful jeweled tiara and the finest gowns of flowing silk and lace, and be surrounded by countless awestruck admirers…While that fairytale fantasy is no more than a lovely day dream, your wedding day will grant you that wish and truly make you a princess for a day! 
It’s your chance to shine and live the magic of a once in a lifetime experience. For that you must be prepared and pick the perfect dress that will not just turn you into a princess, but make you feel like a queen! When selecting your wedding gown you need to take several factors into consideration such as the overall style or theme of your wedding, its color (no, it doesn’t really have to be white!), your size, body shape and budget. 
For a huge grand wedding, you might want to pick a dress that matches the elaborate nature of the celebration. Select a gown made out of the finest fabrics and choose the embellishments according to your taste and the theme of your wedding. Choose an item from your theme, such as butterflies for example and have your dress embroidered with them. Adding beads and crystals will add a beautiful touch. For a simpler affair choose a romantic flowing gown accentuated with nothing more than a simple strand of pearls worn around your neck. 
When choosing the fabric of your gown, you need to take the time of year into consideration. From very light materials like chiffon and crepe, through satins and silk to heavy brocades, you obviously want to keep it light for a summer wedding and a little heavier for a winter or early spring wedding. You may also want to bear in mind how wearable a fabric is; you will be sitting and standing in it all day and you want it to look at its best in all of the photos. Try scrunching an area of the fabric in your hand to see how easy it is to crease.
White has been used for centuries as the official color for a bride’s dress as it symbolizes purity, yet wedding gowns, like most other things, are subject to fashion and to changing tastes. Women are no longer restricted to wearing a white dress on their wedding day and can choose from anything like intense reds to deliciously warm shades of gold or cool, creamy ivories. Whatever color you choose, make sure it suits your skin tone and gives you a gorgeous glow. 
Body Shape
Your body shape is probably going to be the deciding factor in which gown you end up choosing, after all you want something to really flatter your figure and make you look your best. Although there are no hard and fast rules and you can choose a dress that will above all else make you feel comfortable and beautiful, following a general list of guidelines can help you narrow down your choices and shorten what could otherwise be a long and exhausting search. 
Hourglass: To enhance a sexy hourglass figure, choose two-piece and corset dresses.  Basically, look for anything that will accentuate your waist. Beautiful ball gowns and corseted bodices normally work for the bust line as well. These gowns are usually elaborate, so keep your headpiece simple. 
Pear shaped: Smaller on the top and wider on the bottom, A-line princess dresses are your best bet for disguising fuller hips. This dress shape will also balance torso to bust. Chapel length bridal veils add sleeker lines here. 
Petite: You want to create the illusion of length here so go for clean, unbroken contours without too much fabric. Big Ball gowns and mermaid wedding dress shapes can overwhelm so steer clear of those two choices. Chapel or finger-tip bridal veils ensure that the petite bride is framed well. 
Tall: Luckiest of the lot, a tall bride can literally choose from all styles available; ball gowns, princess line and A- line wedding dresses, straight bridal dresses and mermaid dresses; you can almost carry them all with no problems.  Do avoid empire line dresses, however, as they can look almost tent-like.
Fuller-waist: You need to make your waist appear smaller, so opt for princess-line and drop waist wedding dresses. Draw the eye up with stunning bridal and wedding accessories. High-heeled bridal shoes can also provide a flattering effect.
Broad shoulders: Completely avoid halter and off-the-shoulder necklines, which tend to accentuate the shoulders.  Try strapless and scoop necklines. 
Full bust: Bridal corsets can work magic for ladies with a full bust.  You will find reputable names under bridal supplies or bridal accessories. Wedding dresses that are scoop and square necklines enhance bust lines, while widely set apart straps diminish fuller busted figures. 
Full arms: Draw attention away from your arms or cover them up by choosing off the shoulder straps or sheer fabric flowing sleeves. In solid fabric, usually three-quarter or long sleeve works best to elongate the line of the arm. Sleeves should not be cut tight - ever!


Wedding Dress Shapes:


A-Line or Princess 
The A-Line or Princess Shape wedding gown has fitted vertical seams running from the shoulders down to the flared shirt, creating an “A” shape. This shape is versatile and can be created from a variety of fabrics including delicate lace, or satin and chiffon.
Best for: brides with small waists and those wanting to hide broad hips and large thighs. 
This shape is characterized by a high waistline and seam just underneath the bust.
Best for: small busted brides and also creates height for petite brides.
Ball Gown
A traditional wedding dress with a fitted bodice and a floor-length skirt. This is a very formal choice.
Best for: brides with slim waistlines, and is great for hiding full hips. 
Straight–line, fitted dress from the shoulders to the ankles.
Best for: tall, slim brides. 
A narrow fitted dress designed to show-off a bride’s curves, the bottom flares out like that of a mermaid’s tail
Best for: tall slim brides, and creating height for petite brides. 
A wedding dress in any style, without straps.
Best for: curvaceous brides wanting to draw particular attention away from their lower bodies and up to their face and arms.
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