St. Petersburg: The Cultural Heart of Russia

St. Petersburg is known as the cultural heart of Russia and features a large variety of world famous architectural gems like the Winter Palace, the Kazan Cathedral and the Peter and Paul Fortress. Cuisines representing the culinary skill of the world can be found lining the inner city streets along with pubs and clubs which have been set to standard.  The city’s nightlife challenges even the top-rated ones globally with its astounding light shows and its celebrated dance and house raves.


Home to over 4.5 million people, St. Petersburg is rated one of the most romantic cities and has captured the world’s attention with its impeccable sights.  Summer is the best time to visit St. Petersburg – the higher temperatures and beautiful weather give you the opportunity to move around freely and see the different sights, although the beauty of Russia in the winter shouldn’t be underestimated; it is a magnificent sight on its own.


One of the main beauties of St. Petersburg is its mixture of classical art with modern culture. With this harmonious combination, your visit can be enriched with the wisdom and class of the old and the style and glamour of the new. From the great “Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra”, which filled the early 1980’s and 1990’s airways with the most exuberant and relaxing timeless pieces, to more recent hits like DJ Sanchez who has taken the modern techno and house scene by storm.


Beyond its night entertainment, St. Petersburg offers daily tours around the city and great views of the sunrise and sunset. Enjoy shopping, where you can find anything from fridge magnets to an immense selection of the newest fashion trends and high-end couture designs.
Emilio Pucci 2019
Bottega Veneta
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