Ten Amazing Things To Do in Aruba

Aruba likes to call itself “One Happy Island” and the title fits. Everyone is friendly, the weather is consistently good year round, the food is great and the beaches are amazing. What’s there not to be happy about? Here are some of the best things to do to make the most of this journey to this Caribbean island just north of Venezuela.
Eagle Beach
Most of the beaches in Aruba are beautiful, but Eagle Beach surrounded by Fofoti trees is popular with locals and tourists alike. The island is also a haven for sea turtles. If you are lucky enough you might just catch the hatchlings scurrying down the beach after they break out of their shells towards the ocean.
Palm Beach
Many of the biggest named resorts border this white sand beach. There is a long walkway connecting them all and offering a chance to try water sports or all the beach bars along the route.
The California Lighthouse
One side of the island has beaches and the other side is a desert like terrain with a stunning (but too rough to swim in) coastline. The lighthouse is on the northwest tip separating the two sides and offers amazing views.
Arikok National Park
There are historic and geographical sites that are included in this huge part that actually takes up almost 25% of the whole island. Check out the Fontein Cave where you can see pictographs put on wall caves hundreds of years ago by the Arawak Indians.
Alto Vista Chapel
Aruba is largely a Catholic island and there are still services in this tint church established almost 250 years ago on the north shore of the island. It’s near the very tiny town of Noord.
Casibari Rock
The most impressive of the giant boulders that dot the island. Climb to the top and get a great view of Mount Hooiberg—the only mountain on the island. It’s a great place for hikers.
Balashi Gold Mill Ruins
Back in the 1800s, Aruba had its own gold rush. The ruins of that time are available to explore on the northern coast of the island
Take a jeep or horseback tour
The roads on the north coast of the island are almost non existent. Of course you can do it with a rental car but its much easier to explore with a guide from one of the many tour guide companies like ABC tours or on horseback, where you can really take in the views with a local who knows the trails like a pro.
Swim in the Natural Pool
On the rugged northern side of the island, not far from the Natural Bridge is the Natural Pool, which is the only place you can safely swim on this side. The rocks surrounding it have created a deep pool to snorkel in and is like jumping into a giant aquarium of small sea life.
The capital city is easy to get around on foot and has plenty of shopping, gambling, restaurants and entertaining to keep you busy for a long time. Settled by the Dutch (and still a Dutch state), there’s interesting colonial architecture to be seen everywhere.
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