Venice: The Perfect Place for a Romantic European Getaway

Italian is the language of love and Venice is the city of love, making it the perfect romantic European getaway for seekers of romance. The Venetians are experts in making everyone feel as if they belong. There are no strangers in Venice; only members of an extended family.

Venice is the city of canals, palaces, stunning architecture, gondolas, serenades and, of course, love. This is where water and land come together to bring to life the ancient charm of the Venetians. This is exactly why it is one of the most painted, filmed and written about cities in the world. Nothing quite compares to your first glimpse of the distant domes and spires emerging from the tranquil water that make-up the Venetian skyline. From the moment you arrive, you are surrounded by a glory of art, architecture and history that are virtually unmatched anywhere else on the planet.  Museo Correr is situated in the Napoleonic Wing, the western end of St. Mark's Square. This museum houses a collection of works that highlight the art and history of Venice.

Venice has long been known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, and the fairy tale dreamlike adventure has kept honeymooners returning year after year. There are plenty of romantic things to do in the city, such as dining in one of the many street side cafés, listening and even dancing to the sounds of the various street performers in the main squares, and of course taking a scenic gondola ride around the city’s beautiful waterways. The famous local crafts have been produced in Venice for centuries and are hard to get elsewhere: the glassware from Murano, the delicate lace from Burano, and the cartapesta (papier-mâché) Carnevale masks you'll find in endless botteghe, where you can watch artisans paint amid their wares. There are basically two kinds of Venetian masks; one is the carnival mask with all the fancy lace, colors and shapes. Then there are the traditional masks: Commedia dell’Arte which has to do with theatre. Genuine masks make great souvenirs and the Laboratorio Artigiano Maschere in Castello specializes in traditional mask-making, with some truly splendid and eye-catching designs. You can also find a good selection of masks and some rather stunning costumes just off Campo Santa Margherita in Mondonovo, and at Tragicomica near Campo San Polo. Leading up to the main carnival time, Venice mask-makers are understandably very busy, but normally they will welcome visitors and are pleased to demonstrate their craft – some even hold workshops.
Venice is a city that charms and captivates with 170 canals and an estimated 400 bridges.  The city is a feast for the eyes with the main sights that include the Grand Canal, St Mark’s Square, and the Doges’ Palace. Take the time to explore the picture-postcard backwaters with their hidden squares and tiny churches which are part of the essence of every-day-Venice only accessible by water, thus allowing glimpses into ancient houses, secluded gardens and boatyards with gondolas waiting for repair.  Indulge yourself in the romance of a gondola ride at sunset and capture the true magic of Venice. Many gondoliers stand near bridges offering gondola rides in St. Mark's Square during the evening hours. Venice overflows with old-world charm.  Walk the neighborhoods and discover wonderful shops and churches, or stroll along the southern shore of the Dorsoduro and enjoy the numerous boathouses and cafés. Go at dusk when Venetians take their evening stroll; Venice is a quiet town in the evening and evenings are best spent lingering over a late dinner, or nursing a glass of prosecco in one of Piazza San Marco's outdoor cafés. With so much to see and do, Venice is truly a beautiful summer destination.
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