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New Year’s Resolutions

Be Positive, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!

A new year is just around the corner and you are probably getting ready to make a list of resolutions and personal goals that you would like to work towards over the next 12 months. Most of these lists consist of vowing to kick a bad habit, dropping the extra pounds, getting more exercise, saving more money, and generally giving up one thing or another or forcing yourself to do something you probably don’t enjoy anyway. This is one of the main reasons a lot of people tend to give up on their new year’s resolutions long before the year is through. This time, make a refreshing change; instead of creating the same list of resolutions that you might have made a few times in the past, try turning your focus inwards. Embark on a journey towards holistic wellness to balance mind, body and soul, and you will most likely see the changes you have tried to make before effortlessly happen in your life. 
Whether you want to stop smoking, lose weight, buy a new house, get fit, or climb up the career ladder, attitude is ultimately the deciding factor whether you make it or break it. If you’re grumpy, annoyed and feel like you can’t overcome challenges, you will sabotage your own success. You have to remain focused on the goal and enjoy the journey too. 
Resolve to eliminate negativity from your life: Create a morning routine that will energize you and set the tone for the rest of the day, every day. Try doing a few minutes of stretching, exercise or yoga when you rise. Have a nourishing breakfast, listen to music while you shower and dress, and load your car’s CD player with soothing music or something motivating, like positive affirmations that you can listen to if you expect to sit in traffic or have a long commute to work. Look forward to what you can accomplish and greet your day’s tasks with a welcoming attitude. Approach every part of your day with positivity and you will notice that things tend to flow very smoothly. Before you know it, that resolution you had trouble with before will be just another thing that falls into place in your life.
Are you doing too much of one thing in your life and not enough of another? A lack of balance will start taking its toll on you sooner than later. Health and a sense of well-being go hand in hand. You have to maintain a balance of body, mind and soul to experience real wellness. 
Resolve to find and maintain balance in your life: It’s understandable that you need to work more sometimes, but being constantly overworked or wrapped-up in your job is unhealthy. In the long run you will be burned out and that is counter-productive. Set up a time-management plan, preferably with the help of a professional coach, and get organized so you can efficiently use the hours in your day. Make time for recreational activities, hobbies, vacations and family time. Plan and cook healthy meals, get a daily workout, and spend peaceful time alone too. Reserve an hour of your day to tend to your soul with your personal spiritual practices and consider adding at least 10 minutes of meditation to your morning or evening. 
Self-love is not about narcissism, selfishness or vanity. It’s about holding yourself in high regard, empowering yourself, caring about your self-esteem, and being kind and patient with yourself. In your rush to be good to others, especially your loved ones, you can forget that you, above everyone else, deserve the utmost love and care that you have to offer.
Resolve to love yourself: Cut out the negative self-talk. We tend to be our own worse and harshest critics. Do you ever notice what you say to yourself when you make a mistake? Lose something? Miss out on an opportunity? Is your internal dialogue full of put downs, scolding and blame? Learn to forgive yourself and switch to more positive and healing words rather than succumbing to the use of derogatory terms or anger. Pamper yourself and tend to your own needs; perhaps book a day at the spa, spend an afternoon quietly fishing, or curl up with your favorite book. Whatever it is that makes you feel good and raises your spirits is exactly what you should indulge in. If you are working hard for something, map out your milestones and reward yourself every time you reach one. 
Do you long to look good for yourself or for others? Your priority should be your own happiness. Your body can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It will treat you in exactly the way you treat it.
Resolve to love your body: Yes, love your body, no matter what size or shape, or condition it is in. Don’t stand in front of the mirror and assess your “flaws” with horror. Close your eyes and quietly express gratitude and love for your body for working to keep you alive and healthy. Cut out unhealthy food as much as possible, exercise even if you can only devote half an hour of your day for that and purchase clothes that flatter your shape. Make it a point to get adequate rest every night and always remember that your body is not your enemy. Lifestyle choices have determined the shape you are in now. You can always improve what you are not fully satisfied with by making adjustments to your daily life. Treat your body well!
In the rush of a busy daily life or material pursuits and with worries, technology and Internet connectivity constantly invading your quiet time, you might neglect to nourish your soul. Spending time in your own company is imperative to cultivating a deeper sense of self understanding and inner peace.
Resolve to nourish your soul: Prayer, meditation, reflection and contemplation are all practices that can help expand your awareness, calm anxiety, relieve stress, deepen your understanding of yourself and life, develop compassion, patience and the willingness to love yourself and others unconditionally. Paint or draw, express your feelings through creative mediums, and most importantly, connect with nature. Switch off your phone and step outside and feel the sun’s rays on your skin, venture into a forest and silently listen to the rustling of the leaves in the wind, or soak in the calming and boundless silence of the desert. Keep a journal, write down your thoughts and feelings; even better, keep a gratitude journal and take five minutes of your evening before you go to bed to write down what you have been grateful for in that day.
Make this your year! Treat yourself well, and make a conscious effort to tend to every area of your life. You will sail smoothly through any rough spots and accomplish all that you set out to do and couldn’t achieve in the past. Good luck!
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