The René Moawad Foundation Hosts Benefit Dinner in Miami

The René Moawad Foundation (RMF) celebrated its 14th Annual Benefit Dinner in Miami, Florida. The event took place on April 1, 2023, attracting a large number of prominent Lebanese-Americans as well as friends of Lebanon. 
Under the theme “Preserving Hope for Lebanon,” the event raised funds for the Medchronic Program, which will assist 3,000 chronic care patients, allowing them to receive free medical services and medications. 
The event featured a silent auction and award presentation, during which Dr. François Nader and Mrs. Micheline Nader – a power couple with tremendous achievements in the pharmaceutical and healthcare fields – were honored with the Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award and the Outstanding Community Service Award, respectively. 
H.E. Michel Moawad, RMF Lebanon Executive Director and member of the Lebanese Parliament, detailed the hardships that the Lebanese are going through and the actions taken by the Foundation to assist people around the country.  
“No NGO can replace the state and institutions. It has to be first and foremost a fight for political change. And we are fighting this uphill battle, we know the difficulties, but I am sure we will prevail,” said Moawad. “But while doing so, we cannot abandon the Lebanese people to their fate during these times of tragedy and hardship they are going through. We need to alleviate their suffering and do everything we can to protect their dignity and keep them rooted in their land, because there will be no Lebanon if there are no more Lebanese in Lebanon.”
Chairman of the Board of RMF USA Dr. Joseph Jabbra, as well as Vice Chair Rima Otrakji, Executive Director Nadia Abourizk, and many board members including Gary Nader, Manal Saab, Thomas Abraham and Adib Kassis, among others, all made the event a big success. Mr. Louis Aguirre and Dr. Julio Gallo served as emcees, while vocalist Nibal Malshi serenaded the audience.
The René Moawad Foundation was created in 1991 by Mrs. Nayla Moawad, former first lady of Lebanon who also served as Minister of Social Affairs and was the first woman to be elected as member of parliament for four consecutive terms. The Foundation works towards civil peace, dialogue, national unity, and the equality of all Lebanese citizens – principles that her late husband, René, worked for before his assassination only 17 days after he had been elected president of the Lebanese Republic. Today, the Foundation is leading many programs in Lebanon in partnership with more than 50 donors and NGOs, including the UN and USAID. The Foundation works in five sectors: Education and human development, health and social care, economic development, agriculture and rural development, and local authorities and decentralization. In 2020, these programs reached over half a million beneficiaries across Lebanon.
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