Piaget “Once Upon A Star”

Celebrating the Holidays with a Piaget Tale of Gold and Diamonds

Filled with joy, hope and wonder, the holiday season is a time when loved ones come together to share unforgettable moments and exchange heartfelt gifts. It is also a time of year when stories from past times are shared; the same radiant tales that continue to inspire and fascinate us today. One of those treasured tales is the story of a young boy who, inspired by a shining star, brought radiance into the world through the beauty of gold and diamonds. It was on a cold winter’s night in the small mountain village of La Côte-aux-Fées, in Switzerland that the boy saw a bright golden star flash across the sky and fall into the snowy woods.
He set out into the darkness to find that shining star, and placed it safely in his pocket. Suddenly filled with inspiration and talent, he began to invent and create the most beautiful pieces of jeweler from diamonds, gold, and precious stones. Radiant, pure and brilliant, these creations would become the source of the brightest light and it is said that anyone who possessed one of these pieces owned a small ray of the star that fell from the sky on that winter’s night. This young boy, Georges Edouard Piaget became years later an inimitable name in the world of luxury and fine watchmaking.
Once again, this holiday, the radiance of Piaget collections brings pleasure and delight to loved ones. Cold winter nights are once again filled with the sparkle of diamonds and the warm luminous splendor of gold. Born under the brightest star, Piaget watch and jewelry creations make timeless gifts that capture all the emotion of the holidays and
turn shared moments into the most unforgettable ones.
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