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Each year the world’s most prestigious jewelry houses seek to raise the bar when creating new masterpieces. Whether creating a completely new collection, adding to a pre-existing collection, or conceiving a line of jewels made especially for women of the Middle East, these designers never cease to amaze! With their seemingly unlimited inspiration and high level of creativity and craftsmanship, they unveil stunning high jewelry creations year after year, using only the finest materials. From Shreiner and Leo Pizzo to Robert Wan and RCM, read on to discover the latest stunning creations from the world’s finest brands as well as the inspiration behind them.


Schreiner Fine Jewellery
Founded in Munich, Germany, in 1988, Schreiner Fine Jewellery has acquired an international name for fine, handmade diamond jewelry. It has an excellent reputation for its unique and innovative jewelry and for its unsurpassed quality. As there is no compromise in creativity and originality, Schreiner continues to create timeless collections of elegant designs. This year, Schreiner has expanded its ever-popular La Fleur collection to include over 100 different rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The elegant collection features floral motifs and allows us to embark on a journey into the mythical world of nature. “La Fleur is the most popular collection amongst ladies in the Middle East,” said Schreiner Vice President Ulrike Kielbassa. “It is all about flowers and we produce it in both white and pink gold. With the new pieces available this year, the ladies are sure to enjoy it!” The Mystique collection is another favorite amongst women of the region. “This collection shows one stone either round or emerald-cut. Although it looks like one big stone, it is actually assembled from five different stones,” explained Kielbassa. “It’s very popular in the region.”



Leo Pizzo
Leo Pizzo jewelry represents true Italian creativity; designed and crafted exclusively in Valenza, Italy. The jewelry house is family-run and its passion for creating jewelry shines through in every stunning design brought to fruition. Leo Pizzo has been present in the region for some time now and in recent years has experienced greater demand for its jewelry sets, including bridal sets featuring precious stones. “We have come to the Middle East for many years now, so we have experience and we know what people here are looking for,” said Rosario di Giorgio Pizzo. “Our Arab customers are very knowledgeable about jewelry. They are very elegant and they know what they want.” The company conducts extensive research when designing a new collection, studying the market and assessing the styles that are in high demand or best suited to the region. “Three designers work under the direction of Mr. Pizzo year round,” explained di Giorgio. “This year we have a very big, beautiful collection. The market is huge and we produce a lot in order to be suitable for most places.” Often drawing inspiration from Italian art, Leo Pizzo creations are divided into themes including the heart, flower and bridal. Attention to research and quality is essentially the basis of the company philosophy. The quality of the diamonds and precious stones has always been fundamental; the precept being that a jewel has to touch an emotional chord but should also have a lasting intrinsic value. The 2015 collection embodies these core qualities and is sure to delight women the world over!





Luxurious, chic and glamorous, Mikimoto pearls are known for their remarkable quality and luminous luster. The 2015 Mikimoto collection attests to this, with pieces guaranteed to enrapture and delight women in the Middle East. “Our collection this year contains a lot of novelties,” explained Jeremy Burbanks, Mikimoto Wholesale Director. “We always make a point of bringing the novelties to Doha because the locals have very good taste and appreciate Mikimoto products.” With a reputation for creating high-end jewelry with a Japanese design style that is centered around attention to detail and intricate designs, the 2015 novelties combine the softness of pearls with the shimmer of diamonds to create truly remarkable pieces that represent the pinnacle of Mikimoto quality and jewelry design. “99 percent of high end and well-known brands are either French, Swiss or Italian, so as a Japanese company coming from the Far East, we offer something different,” said Burbanks. One truly standout piece is the Angelic necklace, the concept of which was born from a desire for one’s entire body to be clad in the radiance of pearls. The Brio necklace is another remarkable piece which can be worn in an unlimited number of styles including doubling it and bringing the clasp to the front, simply wearing it as a seven-layered necklace, or hanging it on one shoulder to produce an avant-garde appearance.



Robert Wan
Robert Wan unveils Drops of Heaven, a collection of the most unique gems harvested from the ocean beds year after year. The Drops of Heaven collection showcases the most breathtaking pearl necklaces ever harvested in the Pacific Ocean, belonging to Mr. Robert Wan’s private collection. The collection is made up of six very rare and beautiful pearl strands, some of which took up to five years to create. All pearls are unique; therefore the artisans at Robert Wan had to be patient and make a selection of pearls similar in color, size, shape and luster, in order to create a uniform piece. Symbols of power, wealth and purity; pearl strands are among the most spectacular jewelry created by nature. Each piece in the Drops of Heaven collection tells a story and has a significant meaning to them. Such as the Rua Hatua, this unique piece was named after the Tahitian god of the ocean, who gave pearl oysters to humans in memory of his voyage on earth. "Pieces from the Drops of Heaven collection are amongst the most beautiful and exclusive pieces ever harvested in 42 years from the Pacific Ocean. We are thrilled to offer our customers in the Middle East the opportunity to own such rare and exquisite pieces,” said Audrey Tcherkoff, Middle East CEO.


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Italian jeweler Verdi is all about fine jewelry created for women who are sure of themselves and what they want. The family-run jewelry house has been best known for its flexible bracelets since the ‘70s, with each new collection featuring unique designs and creative combinations of stones. Each collection speaks of desire, giving life to a dream and promoting a tiny yet infinitely immense world of emotion and treasured elegance. The concept for a new collection begins with the bangles, which then serve as inspiration for the other pieces. “We follow trends and anticipate new ones but we specialize in bangles and have for many years; flexible bangle bracelets are our signature production, but we also produce a wide range of earrings and rings to match,” explained Marco Verdi, Verdi Managing Director. “Most jewelry is predominantly diamond-based, and while we too use diamonds, we also use a lot of colors; we like playing with different colors and shapes as well as experimenting with different volumes and cuts of stones all on the same piece. We always stay a little on the classic side but with something that makes the piece instantly recognizable as a Verdi creation.” The 2015 collection keeps with the style for which the jeweler is renowned, and contains a lot of color, with emeralds, rubies and sapphires all featured on the same piece. “We are also reintroducing the cabochon cut of stone which was very popular in the ‘80s,” explained Verdi. “We think it’s going to make a comeback. Fashion is in cycles and fashions always make a comeback, so we are using cabochon-cut stones but of course reinterpreted in a new and creative way.”





RCM jewelry, famed for its exceptional quality, is staying true to the company’s style of being classic with a touch of modernity. As founder Lorenzo Ricci put it, “When you have a winning horse, why would you change?” All RCM jewelry is handmade at the company’s atelier in Italy, using only the best stones sourced from around the world. “I always say to our clients that jewelry is art and art is made by the hand of the artist,” said Ricci. “There is new technology available and there are many ways of creating jewelry with machines, but this has nothing to do with the spirit of the jewelry.” When seeking inspiration to create a new collection, RCM doesn’t look to the latest fashions or trends, but rather follows instinct and the spirit of the creation while staying true to the brand’s heritage. “This year I went a little bit out of what is my normal style of jewelry in creating a more modern concept of rings and necklaces,” explained Ricci. “The rings, for example, cover a few fingers, and the bracelets go all the way down the arm. But this is as far as it goes, we stick to our style and don’t believe in incorporating trends that are short lived. I always say that when you buy a piece of good quality jewelry, it is good forever.” And this is exactly what you can expect from the 2015 RCM collection, timeless elegance and quality with an Italian flair!



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