Back to school…Back to family life.

It’s already September; that time of year when students are back to school.  As parents, you want your kids to start the school year off on the right foot and as such you have probably gone ahead and gotten all their supplies ready, bought them new shoes, uniforms, book bag, and lunchbox. Now what!
Though you may not like to hear it, the hardest task still awaits you and that is getting your children excited about school after a long, wonderful, fun-filled summer.  Need help? Wondering how you are going to get them back into the routine of school?  If so, read on and you’ll find all the answers you’re looking for.  Your cries for help are answered!
The first thing we suggest you do is to remind your children what school is all about!  Remind them how much fun school can be, let them know that it’s not all work and no play. There will be recess, activities, excursions, sports, computer classes, art classes, singing and loads of other stuff they can enthusiastically look forward to. And, in the slight chance that they forget, remind your children that they will have the opportunity to see their friends as well as make new ones and create memories that will be cherished forever. 
Don’t forget to mention all the wonderful learning opportunities they will experience.  Let them know that school is a place that develops their hearts, minds and souls.  Help them picture all the educational and entertaining things they will do. 
Now, if you’re thinking what else can I possibly do to make not only those first few school days, but all school days, good ones, we have a few ideas for you.
A very simple way you can improve your child’s school experience is by taking some time to help create a home environment that supports learning. This may sound like a challenge, but you’ll be surprised at how easy it is.  
Firstly, make sure your child’s day begins with affection!  A hug, a kiss and some sweet words are guaranteed to do the trick.  Constantly remind your child of how proud you are of them.  These simple gestures are all a child needs to face their day with confidence and strength.


Breakfast is the best way to start the school day!


You may also want to try encouraging your child to eat a healthy breakfast every morning before heading out the door. Research shows that children who eat breakfast are more responsive, focused and more alert in class than those who come to school on an empty stomach.  It is also a good idea to fill your child’s lunchbox with healthy snacks as maintaining a nutritious diet for your child maximizes his/her learning potential.
We also suggest that you set aside 10 to 20 uninterrupted minutes when your child gets home from school to talk to him/her about school.  This creates a good transition from school to home.  Also, setting aside some time each day to read with your child will help him/her develop a lifelong love for reading.  Last, but not least, providing end-of-day rituals and having a consistent bedtime is important in keeping your child healthy, well rested, and ready for school the next day!



Encourage your child to read as much as possible (whether in Arabic, French, or English) and to develop a lifelong love for reading!


Perhaps the most important thing any parent can do is to ensure that the home environment is a relaxing and peaceful one.  We, as adults, sometimes forget how sensitive children are to the home atmosphere.  Every child wants to feel comfortable, at ease and calm in their own homes.
Hopefully all you parents out there are a bit less stressed about this time of year! October doesn’t have to be that dreaded month anymore.  It can just as easily be an exciting month for children, parents and teachers alike! This is a time of hopes and dreams…Dreams of a happy and successful school year! 

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