Be the Winner this Winter

Winter is just around the corner.  While some of you may be dreading the short days and cold nights that winter brings, others look forward to this season’s celebrations of Christmas and New Year.
Winter is definitely the time to slow down and take a break from your stress-filled daily routine to snuggle up in a warm sweater with a good book and a hot drink. If you are one of the many who spend the winter months sick with the flu, weary from lack of energy or depressed from the never-ending rain, we have a few tips which can help keep you energized and healthy to make those winter months a breeze.
Tip 1- move your body
While it may be difficult to get off the sofa, get out of bed, put your book down or turn off the TV set, you must move. Moving your body also lifts your mind, in case you tend to get depressed after long rainy days. There are many great sport clubs around the country which are a good alternative to staying at home. Try aerobics, for example, or Latin Dance -- both are great ways to get in shape and make you feel good. By the way, you also strengthen your immune system.   
Tip 2-  Strengthen your immune system!
There is nothing better than having a strong immune system for winter season in order to keep fit and healthy. Keeping your immune system intact helps you from falling ill and getting the flu. There are many ways to do so. Don’t give in and eat just chocolates, cookies, nuts and dates! Make most of the fact that we are blessed with many great fruits and vegetables all year round. The oranges are particularly good in winter, and one or two glasses of freshly squeezed juice is a great source of vitamin C, which is essential for your health. Although nuts also have vitamin C, it is still better to regularly include vegetables and fruits in or after your meals. Broccoli is an excellent source of vitamin C and a delicious ingredient both for cooked dishes or salads. Eat fruits and vegetables throughout winter -- this will help strengthen your immune system and with such an intake of vitamins you’ll be on the safe side! 
Tip 3- Prevent disease! 
A simple injection can help prevent the common flu and cold throughout winter. The injection has to be applied early enough, around one month before winter starts, and you should be completely healthy when it comes to the treatment. Also, there are some natural medicines which strengthen the immune system. One of the best ingredients is Echinacea -- extracts from this plant are used in a solution with alcohol, which strengthen the immune system. Whenever you feel that you are about to fall ill, Echinacea can prevent the worst. 
Tip 4- Go and sweat!
The sauna is one of the oldest and best methods to keep fit and make your body stronger against temperature changes. In Scandinavia, where winters are long and harsh, going to the sauna with a group of friends is a weekly ritual. For a good reason – the body becomes more resistant. Most sport clubs offer saunas, but many people don’t know how to use them correctly. The purpose of spending time in the sauna is to sweat.  Water, ideally mixed with a few drops of aromatic essences, is placed on the stove inside the sauna room to help increase the temperature. It is recommended to spend 15 minutes inside the sauna and then take a cold shower. Each sauna is equipped with a sand watch.  Of utmost importance is that you listen to your body! If you begin to feel uncomfortable, leave.  Make your visit to the sauna a regular routine and you will find, time after time, that your body will become stronger and more resilient to the temperature changes. Apart from helping you cope with the cold, visiting the sauna regularly will leave you feeling relaxed.  
Tip 5- Keep warm!
Most of the concrete buildings are badly isolated against the cold weather, especially against the humidity which seems to crawl right into one’s bones. Wearing warm socks and drinking a lot of herbal tea seems so simple and can help a lot to make you feel more comfortable, both at home and in the office. But with fashion statements and fast food, what’s easy isn’t so obvious after all.
Tip 6 - Get some fresh air
Winter should not be spent indoors.  Make the time for outdoor activities such as hiking or skiing, with your family and friends.  Challenge the cold weather by wrapping yourself up in a thick, insulated jacket and boots. You can enjoy the winter sports in many great locations. Many resorts offer chalets for rent, and have great winter sport facilities such as skiing, snowboarding or just hiking. Spending time outside during winter is not only good for a change, it is also a great way to keep fit and active. 
If you follow at least one -- or more than just one -- of our tips, for sure you will enjoy winter much more -- in good spirits, and good health.
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