Does She Really Want Roses?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a flower is an expression of a thousand sentiments. As Valentine’s Day approaches, many men are quick to jump to the conclusion that the object of their affections desires nothing more than an extravagant bouquet of perfect red roses, or perhaps that single crimson bloom that simply says “I love you”. Guys, you would be surprised to learn, that while your lady may expect flowers for Valentine’s Day, it’s not red roses she really wants!
Flowery Feelings
Roses are beautiful; they have been identified with Aphrodite the goddess of love, and are a classic choice for many occasions, especially Valentine’s Day. But women’s tastes are as varied as the countless kinds of flowers in existence. While some love red roses, others want to receive a beautiful bouquet of lavender, pink, soft peach, or even white blooms. 
She loves it, or not!
Your better half may desire a simple vase filled with long stemmed red tulips, or perhaps a hand painted ceramic pot of white carnations. If you want to go for something different, try a bouquet of delicate calla lilies that tell your beloved she is a magnificent beauty. Orchids are exotic, with a hint of eroticism, and symbolize beauty, love and refinement, while flowers like stargazers with their wonderful fragrance and stunning colors will leave your Valentine starry-eyed. 
Follow our flower dictionary for more ideas, but your best bet is to find out what your lady’s favorite flower is.  Surprising her with a bouquet of flowers she loves will be double the delight because she will be thrilled that you remembered what she likes. 
Flowers & the language of love:
Acacia:  Platonic love; concealed love
Ambrosia:  Your love is reciprocated
Arbutus:  You, only do I love
Aster:  Daintiness; symbol of love
Camellia, red:  You're a flame in my heart 
Camellia, white:  You're adorable
Carnation, red:  Admiration; my heart aches for you
Carnation, white:  Pure love; sweet love; innocence
Chrysanthemum, Red:  I love you
Gardenia:  I love you in secret
Gloxinia:  Love at first sight
Lilac, white: My first dream of love
Myrtle:  Love, mirth and joy
Primrose:  Young love; I cannot live without you
Rose, pink:  Love; grace; gentility; you're so lovely; perfect happiness; please believe me 
Rose, pink and white:  I love you still and always will 
Rose, red:  Love; desire; respect; courage
Zinnia, pink:  Lasting affection
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