Quiz: What’s a soul mate?

Here are five simple questions to test your knowledge about everlasting love.
What’s the best way to know you’ve met your soul mate?
a- You want exactly the same things in life 
b- You always feel happy and there are no difficult issues
c- You face problems together and grow
d- Your parents approve
If you haven’t met your soul mate yet, what’s the main reason?
a- The right Internet search engine hasn’t been developed
b- Your soul mate is already taken
c- You just can’t meet the right person
d- You have unrealistic expectations of what a soul mate is
The “honeymoon” is the phase of a relationship that …
a- Brings a realization that you’re with the right person
b- Offers a glimpse of what’s possible 
c- Makes you realize you did a big mistake
d- Can last forever if you’re truly with your soul mate
In love, problems may arise. To soul mates this is…
a- An indication that your partner needs to change
b- Why you have to compromise in love
c- A warning that you may not really be with your true soul mate
d- A sign that it’s time to learn something new and grow  
What’s the main difference between couples who share lasting happiness and those who split up?
a- They never get angry, argue or fight
b- They don’t rock the boat
c- They have fewer problems, issues or differences to resolve
d- They have better strategies for resolving issues, working through differences, and keeping love and passion alive
Regardless of your answers, if you want to be happy in love, consider this...
Whatever you believe about the concept of a “soul mate”, finding a great partner is just the first step.  You then need to know how to sustain happiness and love if you want a great relationship to last.
In practical terms, a lasting relationship doesn’t just happen. Like a garden, maintaining love requires skillful care and attention. You need to be able to anticipate and respond to changes in weather. 
The final question on the quiz is taken from a study that looked at couples whose relationships flourished – and those who failed. You might think the main difference is that happy couples don’t have as many problems to deal with, but the researchers found that all couples faced similar numbers of problems. 


The main difference turned out to be that although few of us start adult relationships knowing the best strategies for keeping love alive, we can all learn new and better strategies. If you have good strategies you’ll be more successful and happy in a great long-term relationship. And you’ll know how best to handle problems or difficulties. The key isn’t avoiding problems – it’s knowing how to resolve them.
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