Valentine’s Day Special

50 ways to say those magic words

1- Spend a romantic night at home, just the two of you.

2- Make reservations for a candlelight dinner for two and surprise your partner.

3- Cook your beloved’s favorite dish and make sure the dessert is something really special.

4- Send a bouquet of roses with a huge teddy bear. 

5- Say “I love you” in every way possible.

6- Escape for the weekend to some quiet, cozy retreat. 

7- If you’re married, renew your wedding vows.

8- Buy a special gift.

9- Create a path of rose petals leading to a hot, bubbling Jacuzzi for two.

10- Be spontaneous and full of surprises.

11- Experiment in bed.

12- Give your loved one a handmade card expressing all the love you feel.

13- Organize a treasure hunt that gradually leads to something special.

14- Show the world your love (billboards, radio ads… use your imagination)

15-  Make a range of your own personal coupons to give your lover to be “traded in” whenever he feels like it – free manicure, free facial, free foot rub, free “I’m sorry”, free day out with the guys, free wash and wax, free “do whatever I want” day, etc.

16- We all know about the 12 Days of Christmas… why not the 12 Days of Valentine’s? Starting 11 days before Valentine’s Day, start leaving a little daily gift on your loved one’s pillow. 

17- Buy new lingerie and stage your own private fashion parade.

18-  Watch a romantic movie together.

19- Go to a karaoke night and sing your beloved’s favorite song.

20- Buy a pair of lovebirds for your partner. 

21- Express your innermost feelings in a poem.

22- Surprise! A room filled with red balloons.

23- A rose for every day, month or year you’ve been together. 24- Take a romantic walk by the seaside.

25- Say nothing… show your feelings.

26- Make your partner breakfast in bed.

27- Give a foot massage, or any other kind of massage you fancy.

28- Make a “to do” list with all that you know s/he wants, and do them together.

29- Make a sacrifice: For him: take her to the ballet. For her: sitting through one match won’t be so bad!

30- Prepare a picnic basket and find somewhere secluded.

31- Open a bottle of wine and celebrate tête-à-tête.

32- Write a love letter.

33- Buy that little indulgence your partner’s always wanted.

34- This one depends on the weather, but how about a walk in the rain?

35- Go to the theater.

36- Wrap a gift for your partner over and over again and allow your partner to remove each new layer only when s/he’s managed to persuade you s/he deserves it!

37-  Make a CD with all the love songs you adore and give it as a gift.

38- Send your beloved a live telegram.

39- Buy your lover a star and name it after her.

40- Have a photo of the two of you printed onto a mug, a calendar, a T-shirt…

41- It’s time to open that bottle of champagne you’ve been saving.

42- Pamper yourselves at a spa.

43- Chocolate, strawberries and whipped cream… any ideas?

44- How about caterers and a dinner for two in the privacy of your own home?

45-  Use this day as an occasion to propose.

46- Make Valentine’s Day your wedding day.

47- If you’re single, gather a group of single friends and go out to the movies and dinner. Who knows what interesting singles you might bump into?

48- Some of you might like to celebrate in groups. Get some couples together and go out dancing.

49- Cherished memories… Collect all your photos together and put them in an album for the one you love, with your personal comments next to each picture.

50- A toast beneath the moonlight… “May this love last forever.”

Emilio Pucci 2019
Bottega Veneta
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