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BASSMA workshops

BASSMA graduated the first of five groups from an intensive training program of twelve sessions that aimed to enable women to join the workforce, fully equipped. The workshop series was organized by BASSMA in collaboration with leading professional women who gave different sessions covering topics ranging from personal skills’ development, orientation and readiness, to numeracy, communication, and organization skills. The “Recettes de Vie” initiative, which has supported the training program will continue to do so as the program continues through 2016 with four additional groups of women from BASSMA’s families.

Experts and specialists from the private sector volunteered and offered their time and experience to help empower the participating women: Bruna Challita and Samantha Attieh from Grand Hills Hotel, Hala Chammas from Bsynchro, and Maya Noun of Beirut Cellar. Workshop sessions were also given by professional speakers and working mothers like Joelle Sabella, Muzna Chihabi and Layal Yaacoub.

Sandra Klat Abdelnour, President of BASSMA, expressed her most sincere gratitude to all those who have supported the cause, and stated that “being the essence of every family, enabling women would improve their chances of receiving life-changing, stable, income that would empower the family as a whole.”


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