Middle East

Elsa Chocolatier

Elsa Chocolatier celebrated the opening of its new Boutique in Qantari. Guests were given the chance to visit the Chocolate Making Live Station where they created their own pieces with the help of the resident chocolate experts, followed by a live demonstration of the intricate art of chocolate making by master chef Charles Azar. The lucky few got to choose from several molds and flavors, learned the craft of chocolate mixing, and received the finished pieces in a box of their choice.

It all started with a small Boutique in Hamra 20 years back. Today, Elsa, Rami & Tala Karout are the proud partners, building on the strong legacy and take it further.
Exploring every corner and section of this one-of-a-kind Boutique, is like taking a trip into this Chocolate Museum, where 47 exceptional pieces are displayed. One of the most delicious sections would probably be The indulgent Gourmet Chocolate, which is home to the master chef chocolatier Charles Azar’s signature collection of Grand Cru single-origin artisan pieces made using limited releases of the world’s most desired Criollo beans.

Elsa Chocolatier Boutique will make you forget jewelry and other gifting gimmicks, as it re-defines chocolate as a gesture that speaks to a person’s sweeter disposition, where each piece has a different name, flavor and story behind it.










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