Charlize Theron: The Beautiful Face of Dior

The captivating beauty of Charlize Theron has always enchanted audiences, and the elegant House of Dior is no exception. The infamous French brand instantly took notice of the South African stunner and scooped her up to be the face of their J’adore fragrance since 2004. With the launch of their new Dior VIII timepieces, the brand has once again made the striking Theron their ambassadress.
Actress, producer, director, and fashion model, Charlize Theron, with her dazzling looks and charismatic personality, is truly a radiant beam of beauty, exuding an undeniable magnetism and a raw sensual appeal. Born in Benoni, South Africa, her almost instant rise to fame came through her early big-screen debuts in moves like The Devil's Advocate and The Cider House Rules. This award-wining multi-talented star is also a dedicated activist; she is involved in women's rights organizations, and also works through her own foundation to help prevent HIV/AIDS in youth.
With her looks, personality, and talent, it is no wonder that fashion giant Dior has held on to her as the face of their perfume J’adore for so long, where she has appeared in a variety of print ads and screen commercials. Her journey with this iconic brand now continues as she represents their new line of Dior VIII timepieces, adding her personal touch of style and elegance to the chic appeal of the watches. 
In this candid interview, Theron shares her thoughts on the Dior timepieces, her life on and off screen, her work as an actress and humanitarian, and much more. Read on to discover what makes this magical beauty tick.
You are the new ambassadress for Dior timepieces’ fourth line named Dior VIII, what exactly is your connection with the House of Dior?
I have been the face of J’adore since 2004. I have always been a part of Dior beauty and am excited to now work in connection with their timepieces. Every product of the House of Dior is so elegant, and the watches are no different. This new venture for me with Dior was a “coup de foudre” when I saw the Dior VIII. I was thrilled when they asked if I would work with this collection – the line is quite spectacular!
What does the House of Dior represent to you?
It represents elegance and creativity. It’s a brand that is not only classic, but also forward thinking, which is such a specific and unique duality. I have agreed to be Dior’s ambassadress because it’s so elegant and I am proud to be affiliated with it.
What type of woman would wear the Dior VIII?
A modern and feminine woman who assumes a strong style. She is self-confident; a woman of her time. This is a very feminine watch and femininity is a matter of attitude; sensuality, grace, elegance, and confidence.  Being feminine is all about knowing yourself, being positive, and embracing your strengths and weaknesses. It is about taking care of yourself from the inside out, embracing your sexy side, and not being afraid to show your emotions. Elegance, a sense of humor, grace, sensitivity, delicacy, force, determination and, above all, having the talent of multi-tasking, are also part of being feminine.
How do you manage your time, and are you afraid of its passage?
I’m not really afraid of the passage of time. I try to live my life in the present and not focus on what I’m missing. Time is a luxury. It’s what I don’t have enough of for myself!
Being an actress, there’s never a ‘typical day’ because I could be in a different country, in hair and makeup for four hours, or on set for  up to 12 hours, so how I manage and spend my time varies. When I’m not acting, I’m usually either working in my production office for Denver and Delilah or focusing on my foundation.
Tell us more about your foundation?
It’s called the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project and our aim is to support organizations in Africa doing outstanding work to help prevent HIV/AIDS in youth. Our main focus is looking at the long-term picture, which means providing the youth with the education and tools they need to protect themselves with knowledge. HIV/AIDS is a huge problem there and I really believe our work can help make a difference and save lives.
Do you wear a watch every day?
Yes, a Dior VIII 38mm with the subtle line of diamonds on the dial. I love mixing diamond-studded watches with something super casual during the day. I love the bigger watches, but then it all depends on what you are wearing. I would wear my Dior VIII watch with everything from a red carpet gown to casual jeans and t-shirts. I would even wear it with a bathing suit because it’s water resistant – I tested it!
Tell us about your latest movie entitled Young Adult.
It’s a film I did at the end of last year with Jason Reitman, a genuinely great experience. It’s the story of a woman who goes back to her hometown to get her high school sweetheart back, wrongfully thinking that this will fulfill her in life.
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Can you cite 8 of your favorite films you have acted in and why?
That’s hard to do! Well, That Thing You Do because working with Tom Hanks was one of the greatest moments of my career. North Country because I love Niki Caro and I loved the work. Monster was such an intense process where I really got to push myself. Hancock was just fun on set every day with Will Smith and Jason Bateman. I’ve never laughed so much at work. Burning Plain was a pet project because I produced it and really thought it was one of the greatest scripts I’ve ever read. In the Valley of Elah was great to work with Paul Haggis; he is so specific and really has a vision. The Italian Job was just such a trip and exciting to do all the action work. Celebrity because of Woody Allen - don’t need to say any more!
Who are your 8 favorite directors?
There are so many – much more than eight. I’ve been so fortunate to work with such brilliant directors and I’m such a fan of so many whom I hope someday to work with. I would say the eight on my mind right now are Ridley Scott for his creativity and passion; Jason Reitman for his originality and nuance; David Fincher for his unflinching, unrelenting commitment to all aspects of filmmaking; Mike Nichols for his sensitivity; Patty Jenkins for pushing me to lengths I didn’t know that I was capable of; Danny Boyle for always pushing the envelope; and Joel and Ethan Coen for their ability to take any genre and turn it on its head.
Which 8 women are your heroines?
My mother, Jane Goodall, Lois Jenson, Eve Ensler, Mary Robinson, Sally Mann, Shirley MacLaine, and all the girls I work with at Denver and Delilah.
What are your 8 favorite places in the world?
My home in LA, my bed, my country South Africa, Paris, Berlin, anywhere out in nature, any beach, and Bora Bora.
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