Spring-Summer 2021 Ready-To-Wear

Giambattista Valli

The Giambattista Valli Spring/Summer’21 collection brings us through an introspective journey in the powerfully blooming nature of the Mediterranean.
"The harsh and hurtful reality of the time we’re living gave us however the chance to create an introspective dialogue with oneself and to find the pleasure to genuinely take care of our own intellect and body, to understand the importance and the thrill of dressing for one’s own personal fulfilment, to wear clothes with a sentiment of joy, a pleasure dedicated to oneself, detached from other’s projections, and to reclaim the value of gestures and to get in balance with harmony between body and soul, enjoying the fulness of the moment." Said designer Giambattista Valli.


The collection was born because of this and is eventually about a perception of hope, of a rediscovered appreciation for the ultimate luxury: the value of time and privacy and with the confidence needed to share beautiful moments with a new, improved conscience.


It is so that Giambattista Valli makes his Parisian silhouette dive into the prosperous gardens of the Italian Riviera, filled with radiant colors enhanced by the energy of the sun: a holiday illustrated by Mr. Valli’s iPhone lense, a peek into intimate and private landscape and state of mind.


The line-up is fluid and uninhibited and proposes cottons, heavy poplins and flowing georgettes printed with “rose branches”, “palm leaves” and “flower blossoms” as well as light macramés, needle-and-thread embroideries and black lacquered sequins. The approach to the silhouette is dynamic and marries agile day looks to the more special and emblematic pieces, “happy moments” garments whose objective is to celebrate comfort in ones femininity and to share the cheerfulness of human connection. Graphic “chess” prints and denim canvas trousers are paired to trimmed bouclé ensembles, answering the modern need to a truly versatile wardrobe.


A new monogram is introduced as the leitmotif alongside the Maison’s logo, and is embroidered or printed on shirts, bags, pant pockets, or as a belt buckle.


The dream of effortless and joyful beauty, climaxes to “sorbetto” tulle dresses, in the shades of “peach”, “lime”, “aqua” and “cedar”, almost faded away from the warmth of the sun. Hues become synesthetic; tones transcend the senses and the colours of the Thyrrhenian Coast can be smelled.
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Valentino pre fall 19