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Maison Georges Hobeika Spring-Summer 2019 Bridal collection

For its Spring-Summer 2019 Bridal collection, Maison GEORGES HOBEIKA highlights the supreme symbol of love – the rose - and brings to the newest generation of brides the Couturier’s deep passion for nature. Inspirer of charity balls and bucolic poetry and celebrated since antiquity by great painters and mythical writers, the 'Queen of flowers' develops the ever-changing enigmas of her germination on precious fabrics, with a lightness and grace as a delicate as her petals.
Lace fire illuminates each of the embroidered bouquets that seem to be metamorphosed, thanks to the designer's ability to create the magic of movement and the precision of divisions that manifest as open busts, bare shoulders, voluptuous flounces, sensuals collars ,and dresses as wide as corollas. Sumptuous and feminine embroidery, results of inimitable GEORGES HOBEIKA’s craftsmanship, thrive in a glimmering soft light. Translucent or shimmering whites shape silhouettes, while the flow of iridescent and ethereal tulles punctuates a romantic union between the rapture of an ephemeral flowering and the strength of eternal love.
Emilio Pucci 2019
Bottega Veneta
Valentino pre fall 19