Wedding Rings: With this Ring I Thee Wed

One of the most momentous phrases you will ever utter in your life would have to be “With this ring I thee wed”. To seal your vows of a lifetime of love and loyalty, you need just the right wedding rings that will symbolize your marriage for years to come. Careful consideration must be given to this simple object that carries so much meaning and will remain with you for life.


Wedding rings have a long history that dates back many centuries; in fact, rings were not always made out of metal, they were sometimes made from different materials such as plants, grass, and, strangely enough, even hair. 


The circular shape of the ring itself is symbolic of so many things such as infinity, harmony and agreement, and wearing it on the “ring finger” holds special meaning in itself. A practice dating to ancient times, the ring finger was considered to have magical properties, while astrology calls it the "heart finger" because of a vein that is believed to be directly connected to the heart, appropriately symbolizing love. 



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Chopard designs


All that glitters…

Your wedding rings don’t necessarily have to be gold – or not yellow gold at least. Plain gold bands have been a common choice for centuries simply because gold is durable and practical for everyday wear. Today, there are several choices of metals for wedding rings that can suit your personal style, taste and budget. You can go for white or pink gold, platinum, titanium, and even silver. Whatever you pick, keep in mind that dimensions, like thickness, do matter. Make sure your rings are thick enough to withstand the potential hazards of daily wear that can dent or damage the metal if it was too delicate or thin. 



Classic Harry Winston diamond band rings

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Harry Winston Oval diamond ring

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Harry Winston Micropavé ring




Bling Bling

There are no hard or fast rules as to what a wedding band should look like; for instance, in some countries interwoven rings are worn as wedding bands to symbolize the virtues of faith, hope, and love. In Turkey, brides are given puzzle rings, which are a set of interlocking metal bands, and solving the simple puzzle symbolizes the woman’s monogamy. You can buy rings made of different colored metals like white and yellow gold. If you prefer a simple band, you can add an eye-catching bit of sparkly with a gem of your choice, thus transforming a plain piece of jewelry into a stunning item. You can add anything from extravagant diamonds, to colorful precious stones. Also popular these days is setting your birthstone into your band, making it truly unique and all about you. 


chopard pear shaped engagement ring



Van Cleef & Arpels Eventails ring

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Van Cleef & Arpels vintage icone solitaire

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 Piaget solitaire




What’s in a word?

While your choice of material(s) and the addition of a gem or two can enhance the beauty of your rings, there is nothing quite like having your wedding bands engraved with a special and personal message to give it the ultimate symbolic value of your union. You can simply have something traditional such as the date of your wedding etched on the inside of your bands, or you can go for something even more personal like names, nicknames, the name of your song, or any special word, number or symbol. Whatever you choose, decide together and make it personal to you both. 


It’s a guy thing

Most men don’t wear much or any jewelry at all, and a wedding band might be the single piece of jewelry they are willing to have on all the time. Women may be comfortable with vanity rings that require careful handling, like diamond bands, or rings with angular shapes or sharp edges, but men, especially those who work with their hands or are actively involved in outdoor or extreme sports, may require something more durable and comfortable. Try to reach a compromise that works for you both; your best option is bands with curved edges. Lastly, keep in mind the shape of your hands, including finger thickness and length if you want to purchase a thin or wide ring.


No matter what you choose, remember that your wedding bands will very much become a part of you. Select carefully and wear them with pride, and smile with love and appreciation every time you look at them for they are a reminder of your vows and every significant moment of your lives together as husband and wife.

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